how to maintain dispersion kneader

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1. After the dispersion kneader machine for installation of cleaning ,stain and clean rust grease . Check all lubricating points, injecting lubricating oil (grease).

2. kneader machine studio should reduce use inversion .

3. lubrication place often should note oil .

4. Check accessory and repair or replace when the machine operation for 6 months . 

5. The belt tightness is appropriate, regular check adjustment or replacement.

6. Check steam pipe and the junctions , should not have leakage phenomenon .

7. Often inject lubricant to the lubrication parts per shift and oil shall not be less than a second, pumped type lubrication once every 20 days into the butter, lubrication oil pool is replaced every three months at a time.

8. using steam heating, into the pipe should be equipped with safety relief valve and pressure gauge, steam pressure shall not exceed the sign knowledge mixing cylinder pressure requirement.

9. Before commissioning kneading machine room clean, for 10-15 minutes idling, confirm the machine working normally again after production. Usually, new gear (reducer) when using noise is bigger, the early natural decrease to go one time.

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