Dispersion mixer

Dispersion Mixer

Product Detail
dispersion mixer is a kind of planetary motion, high efficiency, no dead point of homogeneous mixing equipment.The mixer blade material around the center of a cylinder whole orbit at the same time, and in different speed rotates around its own axis. The mixer is suitable for food or for multicomponent chemical industry solid - solid, solid - liquid, liquid - liquid phase materials of homogeneous mixing, polymerization, sulfide, suffocated, dispersion, dissolution and conditioning process. And it is mainly used in the production of 10000 CP - 6000000 CP paste material, such as cleanser, toothpaste, solder paste, grease, paint, printing ink, paint, lithium batteries, glass glue, polyurethane sealant high viscosity material.
Foshan Jin Chang tai machinery co., LTD., research and development of planetary mixer, using imported components, export products, through the ISO and CE certification, excellent quality, affordable.

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