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    Dispersion machine factory specializing in the production of dispersion machine. It is one of equipment which produce the adhesives, silicone sealant, silicone structural adhesive, plastic vinyl, weather resistance, mould proof glass glue, cosmetics, chemical products, batteries, food, medicine, plastic. Such as Foshan JCT machinery Co., LTD. Is one of the companies specializing in the production of dispersion machine. The dispersion machine products as shown below, also can be customized.


  Strong dispersion machine has three motor. Three different forms of blender in kettle. One in the kettle body runs around the axis, the other two rotate around its own axis in the different high speed. Material in the kettle crashes intricately and strongly sheared and rubbed. Yamagata blade in the tank runs around the axis, can scrape the material glued to the wall and bottom to join into the mixing, so the effect is more ideal.


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